Actionetics, otherwise known as “follow-up funnels” is a feature of the Clickfunnels software toolkit that’s available to anyone on the $297 Platinum Plan. As a Platinum plan member, you have access to the full suite of tools Clickfunnels has to offer.

In this post, we’re going to exclusively focus on Actionetics (Follow-up funnels) so you can learn what it can do for you and your business.

Here’s what you can expect in the post:

Let’s dive in!

What is Actionetics and how does it work?


Actionetics (now called follow-up funnels) is a feature in Clickfunnels that helps you learn more about your website visitors so you can better tailor your communications with them.

Once a visitor joins your email list, Clickfunnels automatically pulls insightful data that can help you understand the person behind the subscriber.

The type of data gathered includes:

  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Work history
  • Number of purchases made on your site
  • Number of email lists joined
  • Recent activity on your website/funnels

and more.

All this information is then used to create an action score that determines the value of each subscriber like so:

This data can then be used to tailor your messaging to your audience based on their unique preferences on an extremely granular level.

For example:

You can set up custom follow-up sequences to send to subscribers that meet certain criteria, like their:

  • Location
  • Instagram following
  • Action score
  • Product purchase history
  • Gender
  • Website/email interaction history
  • Funnel interaction
  • Shipping address

You get the idea!

The possibilities are almost endless with how you can tailor your messaging based on who your visitors are AND how they behave on your website.

There aren’t many marketing tools that combine email marketing, lead generation and sales into one tool like this.

That said, at $297 a month, you would expect nothing short of excellence.

Follow-up Funnels

Actrionetics has recently been renamed to Follow-Up Funnels, which you can find in the Clickfunnels dashboard menu:

Within the Follow-Up Funnels drop-down, you have another option for follow-up funnels. This is where you set up the sequence of steps that follow once a visitor has become a lead or purchased one of your products.

You can use Follow-Up Funnels for a variety of things — from sending order confirmations to registering contacts for your next live webinar or adding them to your CRM.

Follow-up funnels work in a series of steps. Each step can be configured to do different things based on logic or historical user behaviour.

For example:

Let’s say you run Two Chimps Coffee, an e-commerce store selling delectable coffee to consumers globally. Some visitors land on your site. They browse through your selection, add some beans to cart but leave before buying.

With follow-up funnels, you can send them a reminder email and even retarget those abandoned visitors through Facebook ads.

Follow-Up Funnels: Analytics

clickfunnels analytics

Follow-up funnels include an analytics dashboard for each funnel. This dashboard shows key information that can help you monitor and improve your campaigns.

From the funnel dashboard page, you can see your gross earnings, average earnings per click as well as number of clicks and CTR (click-through rate) for each step in your funnel:

You can select between key dates for your chosen funnel. These dates are 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and all time. However, you cannot specify the dates yourself.

Follow-Up Funnels: Integrations

One of the main functions of Actionetics is to follow-up with prospects through email. But it also offers a number of other ways you can connect with your audience, through integrations.

Clickfunnels has over 29 third-party integrations that link directly into the follow-up funnel feature:

While many of these integrations are for email marketing tools like Convertkit and ActiveCampaign, you can also connect your CRM software like Salesforce, Hubspot or even your Shopify e-commerce store.

This allows you to do things like add contacts to your Salesforce lists or send product purchase info from Clickfunnels to Shopify for shipping fulfilment.

Smart Lists

smart lists

Smart lists are similar to email automation sequences. With Smart Lists, you can configure rules that help you hyper-target your audience and deliver the right message at the right time.

And the possibilities are endless — you could target subscribers over 35 with a large Youtube following. Or let’s say you were a brick and mortar business, you could target anyone over 18 in New York City that visited your site in the last 2 weeks.

Can you see how crazy granular you can get with this?

It’s a level of targeting you just don’t get with other email marketing software at the moment.

The closest is probably ActiveCampaign, which offers some stellar automation features but is exclusively an email marketing tool, unlike Clickfunnels.


Broadcasts are another feature within the Actionetics suite of tools. This one gives you the ability to schedule and send a one-off email to all (or a specific portion) of your audience.

I went through this broadcast feature to test it out before writing this part of the review and must say I was a little disappointed.

Why? Because you cannot compose a broadcast message from within Clickfunnels if you integrate with a third-party email provider. We use Convertkit for email so I was trying to send a broadcast, as a test, through Clickfunnels via Convertkit. But no Bueno. It doesn’t let you do this.

Also, it’s worth noting that Clickfunnels only lets you send transactional emails — if you also want to send marketing emails, you’ll need to connect to a third-party SMTP provider like Spark Post or Send Grid.

Both these platforms will incur an additional monthly cost on top of the $297 monthly fee for the Clickfunnels Platinum plan.

The additional cost isn’t much, around $15 a month but it’s disappointing to see in a tool that costs near enough $300 a month.

Actionetics email editor

actionetics email editor

The email editor is part of the Actionetics/Follow-Up Funnels suite of tools and allows you to select, create and save email templates. You can also compose and send messages within an autoresponder sequence to your subscribers and customers.

Here’s a brief video of the editor in action:


The email editor performs in the way you’d expect. You get access to a decent list of email templates and have the option to go back to basics with a simple plain text option (proven to convert best in many cases).

You can quickly and easily add or remove elements within the body of your message through the Clickfunnels user interface.

Merge Tags allow you to further customise your messages and can be added to the subject line or body of an email.

The following merge tags are supported in the Actionetics email editor:

  • #EMAIL# – Email Address
  • #FIRST# – First Name
  • #NAME# – Full Name
  • #ADDRESS# – Address or Billing Address
  • #CITY# – City or Billing City
  • #STATE# – State or Billing State
  • #COUNTRY# – Country or Billing Country
  • #ZIP# – Zip or Billing Zip
  • #SHIPPING_ADDRESS# – Shipping Address
  • #SHIPPING_CITY# – Shipping City
  • #SHIPPING_STATE# – Shipping State
  • #SHIPPING_COUNTRY# – Shipping Country
  • #SHIPPING_ZIP# – Shipping Zip
  • #PHONE# – Phone Number
  • #CF_AFFILIATE# – ClickFunnels Affiliate Link (May be hyperlinked)
  • #UN_SUB# – Unsubscribe Link (May be hyperlinked – should be in the SMTP Footer.)
  • #ACTION_SCORE# – Contact’s Action Score

Overall, the email editor does what it says on the tin. It isn’t going to revolutionise the way you compose messages but provides a simple, refreshing user interface so you set up your email without any problems.


Actionetics/Follow-Up Funnels are a powerful feature set within the Clickfunnels suite of tools. They help you target and nurture your leads and customers at a level not currently possible with similar software.

At $297 a month, the price point isn’t cheap but there’s something to be said about having all your tools in one place. Clickfunnels as close as you’re going to get to an all-in-one solution right now.