A strong technical SEO strategy helps websites improve their search engine rankings.

Since manual website audit is a sluggish and error-prone process, businesses should invest in a robust technical SEO toolkit to ensure higher rankings and better ROI.

In this article, I am going to review JetOctopus, a SaaS crawler and a log analyzer that promises to make technical SEO simple, visualized, and doable.

I will evaluate the key features and functionalities it offers to website owners. Based on my findings, you can make an informed decision on whether this SEO toolkit is beneficial for your business or not.    

Let’s get started.

Introduction to JetOctopus

JetOctopus is an all-in-one technical SEO audit toolkit that allows you to proactively crawl your website, enabling you to investigate problems impacting your website’s SEO performance.

JetOctopus – The Interface

The user interface of JetOctopus is simple to understand.

Even a beginner at SEO can perform the website audit without any hassles.

As you register and log in to your account, the crawler greets you with a user-friendly dashboard that gives insights into the problematic areas of your website.

On the left-hand side, you find a comprehensive menu that helps in tracking various on-page SEO metrics, such as website indexation, technical issues, HTML, links overview, sitemaps, and other features of the tool. With the provision of over 150 filters, it becomes easy to spot and resolve SEO issues.  

Have a look at their problem-centric dashboard – 



Source: JetOctopus

The grey and white color scheme of the dashboard is quite soothing to the eye when performing the crawl analysis. The chart illustrating the issues categories appears neat and easy-to-grasp. 

Besides the visual aspect, the most remarkable aspect of the SEO crawler is its speed. This cloud-based solution can crawl up to 250 pages per second. Thus, it can speed up your audit process and offer great efficiency. 

Unlike other desktop crawlers, JetOctopus doesn’t slow down your computer or laptop.


JetOctopus – Features and Functionalities

Let’s have a look at the key features of JetOctopus to understand its functionality.

Log Analyzer

One of the prime features of JetOctopus is its log analyzer tool.

JetOctopus automates the log file analysis of your website and provides valuable insights on how web crawlers, such as Googlebot and other users interact with your website.

Simply put, the log file tracks and records the behaviour of search engines and users when they visit your website’s server in real-time.

With a log file, you get to see the following details – 

  •   Frequency at which Googlebot or other bots crawls your website
  •   Crawling status of top-ranking pages
  •   Pages that are not being crawled
  •   Website’s crawl budget is being utilized optimally
  •   Insignificant URLs that are being crawled
  •   Mobile-first indexing status
  •   Large, heavy, and slow pages
  •   Static resources that are being crawled unnecessarily
  •   Frequency of crawler’s activity

Here’s a screenshot of the log analyzer depicting the bot behavior analysis.



Thus, the log analyzer tool simplifies and speeds up the complex auditing process by providing actionable insights.

Google Search Console Integration

JetOctopus easily connects with the Google Search Console (GSC) tool of your Google account.

The powerful integration tracks the given SEO metrics making it easier for you to optimize your site for better performance in the SERPs.

Here are a few metrics that can be tracked. 

Total Clicks – It implies the total number of clicks on search engine page results that brings visitors to your page.

Total ImpressionsImpressions measure the number of times your content comes up in search queries.

Average CTRClick Through Rate or CTR gives the total count of clicks on the search engine results of your website content.

Average PositionIt signifies the position of your website on Google. The better your website performs, the higher the position would be.

Thus, you can track, monitor, and improve your performance by understanding and addressing the issues on various pages with GSC integration.


Linking Explorer

Internal links and external links are vital components of an effective SEO strategy.

Internal links improve the engagement rate and offer a great experience by directing the users to relevant pages within your website. Whereas, external links add credibility to your website by taking the user to useful pages of other websites. 

Misleading or spammy links can destroy the reputation of your website. JetOctopus allows you to maintain high-quality and trustworthy links by analyzing the links on your website.

Here’s a screenshot depicting the linking explorer.

linking explorer


As you enter the page URL, the tool gives you a detailed report with insights to boost website authority.

The ease of operation makes it a great SEO tool for large and small websites.

Speedy Crawl Comparison

The crawl comparison feature in the JetOctopus toolkit is what you need to track your existing SEO strategy while making improvements consistently.

The crawl comparison provides two crawl reports of the same project at different points in time.

For instance, you crawled the website a week before and found the given duplicate content issues.

crawl report

You implemented the best-recommended SEO strategies and performed the crawl again and got the results shared below.

crawl report 2

As you can see that 157 pages are fixed after recrawling. But 26 new pages are found that need to be addressed.

Here, you can work on fixing the issue and perform the crawling again and compare it with the previous results. This crawl comparison cycle will help you understand your website’s progress and work on areas that still need improvement.

Detailed Content Analysis

SEO content analysis is essential to understand how your website content is performing organically.

Not every piece of content you write would get a higher rank in search engines.

There are several SEO aspects that search engines look for in the content.

Besides, the SEO elements, such as keywords, interlinking, and much more you need quality content that provides value to the readers.

The content analysis tool by JetOctopus pinpoints the quality of your content by finding out the following –

  •   Pages with non-relevant information
  •   Pages with poor keyword targeting
  •   Pages with less content (less than 500 words)
  •   Pages with thin content (less than 100 words)
  •   Pages with duplicate content

Check out the following screenshot depicting how the content analysis tool works.

 content analysis tool

Once you understand the core content issues, you can fix them seamlessly before it’s too late.


JetOctopus Pricing

As far as cutting-edge SEO toolkits are concerned, JetOctopus SEO crawler is an affordable solution when compared to other premium crawlers in the market with lesser features.

Here’s an overview of the JetOctopus SEO toolkit pricing plans –

  •   GSC Keywords – 30 €, Unlimited
  •   Crawler – 20 €, Crawl 100K Pages Monthly
  •   Log Analyzer – 100 €, Logs 5M Pages Monthly
  •   All-Inclusive – 80 €, Crawl 100K Pages Monthly


Project limits is a major concern that restricts big businesses to crawl their websites multiple times. With JetOctopus, there’s no project limit. You can crawl your website as many times as you want.

You can start with a 7-day free trial to understand whether it would benefit your business or not.

Support and Services

The JetOctopus team goes the extra mile when it comes to providing customer support and services. 

The fact that they address any question of the customer within one day reflects their passion to support their clientele. They further offer an inventory of blogs, case studies, and guides to resolve your queries and ensure you don’t face problems with the tool.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, JetOctopus comes across as an incredibly useful tool to meet the site audit requirements of businesses. It has great features that can align with a firm’s technical SEO goals and strategies. The insights derived go a long way in honing the strategies for better performance in the SERPs. 

The other SEO crawlers offer expensive packages and limited crawls. Moreover, since they are desktop crawlers, they fail to match the speed and accuracy of a cloud-based tool like JetOctopus. 

What’s more? The actionable insights shared after the website audit can help you prioritize SEO issues in your website and take its ranking to the next level.