The Six Figure Mentors digital business platform equips you with powerful tools, training and resources you need to start your own online business. Whether you're looking to quit your job, make some extra income on the side or just master the art of marketing, we've got everything you need to succeed. 

Fast-track Your Path to Financial Freedom with an Extraordinary  Business Startup Bundle, Absolutely Free...

Kick-Start your Journey to Freedom with Powerful Training Proven to Maximise your Chances of Success 

High Quality Training
Our videos blend beautiful animation with live action, resulting in training that is easy on the eye and polished to perfection. 
Microlearning Based
Short bursts of learning that have been proven to engage you and fast-track your learning process.
Device Independant
Our training is optimised for use on any device of any size. So you can take your microlearning library with you anywhere.


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What Do I Receive In The Free Online Business Bundle?

Access to the members only section of our exclusive digital business platform, including LIVE weekly webinar training from top industry experts.

A seven-day video training series that explains who we are, what we do and how it all works, delivered straight to your email inbox over the next week.

30 days of UNLIMITED access to our bleeding-edge digital skills platform that utilizes modern micro-learning techniques to boost your digital skills.

Your very own business support coach, who is on hand to provide help and support to you through your online business journey. 

Why This Training Puts You On The Path To Freedom & Flexibility

Discover how to make more money putting in the same amount of effort by leveraging high-ticket products. 

Learn how to build a business that enables you to travel the world and work around your own schedule. 

Gain life-changing mental and professional skills from our modules and digital skills platform. 

Exposure to a business model that generates revenue without having to create your own products, take on clients or cold-call prospects.



Digital Skills Platform

Included in your 30-day free trial is full access to our Digital Skills Platform. This platform has been designed around scientifically proven forms of effective learning. Microlearning has been proven to be one of the best ways to absorb information. You'll find a buffet of easily digestible tutorials ranging from paid advertising platform training such as the likes of Google Adwords and Bing, to mastering social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

What We're About

Here at Bengu, we're committed to waking people up to the opportunities available to them in this fast-paced digital world we're all living in. 

Many of us aren't happy with our careers, financial situation and quite frankly, life in general. We don't want to sell our souls to faceless corporations that don't really care about us. We want more freedom and flexibility in our lives. Whether it's to set our own work schedule, spend more time with family or travel the world. We deserve more. 

This is why we've partnered up with one of the leading online business training providers in the industry. We want to help you realise your potential and become your strongest version. 

The first step to that is changing your mindset and achieving freedom and flexibility in your life. Online business is the beautiful vehicle that allows us to achieve these freedoms and this platform provides a powerful blueprint that will help you get there.

Business System Features

Clearly defined modular step-by-step training ensures you don't feel lost or overwhelmed.

A proven blueprint that gives you the opportunity to legitimately earn passive income.

Amazing products coupled with industry leading commissions. No hard selling and no hassling friends and family to buy stuff.

Live webinars from coaching experts who've built thriving businesses and achieved outstanding results online.

Access to a global community of like-minded go-getters that you can connect with.

All the tools and resources you'll need to start generating an income online - all in one centralised place

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